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Scuba diving in Tahiti White Valley

Price and duration

$75 for 1 dive

Half day


Open water is sufficient

Diving in White Valley


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Description of the activity

Imagine diving at the foot of the origin of one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world. The volcanic formations that gave rise to the islands are home to a multitude of fauna such as sharks, tropical fish of all kinds and a seemingly infinite number of turtles that will accompany you on your dive.

Underwater visibility is excellent and the temperature is ideal even for a short-sleeve 3-mm neoprene.

It must be added that Moorea is a most convenient place for diving because it is an international flight hub and you can spend a few days on the island (don’t forget that, due to the pressure differences, for safety reasons you may not dive during the 24 hours before or after a flight).

Useful information

The fauna present when you dive will vary depending on the time of year. In our case. we were diving in mid-March and saw countless schools of fish of all kinds and especially giant turtles. You will dive right next to them along the near-vertical volcanic cliffs that surround Tahiti underwater.

Although it is not necessary to descend so far, we reached a depth of 90 feet at the White Valley dive site.

About the scuba diving company

We were lucky enough to dive with a fantastic team of professionals including Teiki, our group instructor.

The diving equipment was in perfect condition.

We entrusted our dive to Topdive Tahiti, located in the Intercontinental Hotel very close to the airport. So it was very convenient. We recommend it.

Click here to visit their website Topdive Tahiti

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