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Skydiving Tahiti

Price and duration

More than 500 dollars per person

Half day


You do not need prior instruction

You can do it in Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora


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Instructors or guides




Description of the activity

This will probably be one of the best experiences you will have in your entire life. The feeling of free fall is incomparable and the views spectacular.

Useful information

When can I skydive in Tahiti, Moorea or Bora Bora?
Broadly speaking, with slight variations the weather in Tahiti is always fine. Skydive Tahiti is open year-round so any time is the right time.

Is parachute jumping safe?
Parachuting or skydiving is governed by strict safety rules and measures applied to both the equipment they use and to the qualified personnel who control the activity.

You may also want to know…
All the material is in perfect condition and constantly checked to ensure proper performance in complete safety. You should also know that the equipment includes a second or reserve parachute with a barometric-opening safety device that ensures that the parachute will open under any circumstances.

Can I skydive if I suffer from vertigo or get airsick?
During the flight you will be sitting next to your partner, securely anchored to the instructor. The exhilaration is matchless and the views incredible. A-OK.

You and your instructor will sit on the edge of the plane’s floor a few moments before the jump. At that point, the thrill will probably put a nervous grin on your face and butterflies in your tummy. That’s normal. A-OK.

You will have no perception of space or time during the free fall. There is an adrenaline explosion and you can only scream with excitement. A-OK.

It’s time to digest the blast of elation and lower the revs once your parachute opens. Breathe deep and enjoy the views during the fly-over. Let yourself be imbued with your instructor’s calm control. Avoid doing stunts with the parachute and if you get airsick easily or are prone to vertigo, just look straight ahead, feel the air on your face and in a few minutes you will be back on terra firma.

For your safety…
Due to pressure changes, you must not go diving during at least the 24 hours before your jump.
Maximum weight: 198 pounds
Minimum weight: 88 pounds
Age limit: participants must be over 11 years old. All minors must have written parental consent to jump if not accompanied by their authorized guardian.

About the skydiving company

Skydive Tahiti’s instructors, in addition to being really nice guys, are professional skydivers who have won awards from the French BEES Federation and hold professional skydiving licenses from the French civil aviation authority.

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Skydive Tahiti

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