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If there is anything special about Tahiti, it is the charming island’s interior. It is not the most popular attraction but it is not to be missed. And Le Relais de la Maroto is located in the very middle, so this lodging will undoubtedly add tons of appeal to your stay.

Because of its location, you can forgive the hotel for not being as ritzy as the luxury hotels near the capital. But it is totally recommendable and your experience of the island will be unique, unlike staying in a resort that is much the same as thousands of others all over the world. Le Relais de la Maroto is a more economical alternative to the traditional resorts.

You will need to book at least two nights in the hotel but it is well worth the trouble. The views, the natural surroundings and everything in general are absolutely delightful.

The rooms are spotlessly clean, affordable and comfortable in Tahitian style. The surroundings are in charge of providing the luxury.
Highly recommended.

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"As noted above, Le Relais de la Maroto is located in a spectacular setting. It nests in the middle of the island where the color of the vegetation is more intense than anywhere else. The foliage, mountains, valleys and waterfalls contribute an amazing sense of relaxation and incredible hiking trails close to the hotel. Due to its isolated location you will need a car to get there and back. It takes a while to get there from the airport but the trip is totally worthwhile."

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