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Tikehau is a small island located in the Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia. Oropaa, as it was called in ancient times, is blessed with wonderful beaches that are easy to reach since the main part of the island is small. You can easily find that you have the beach to yourself since the island is not a popular tourist attraction. Walking around is very pleasant, especially at dusk. Like many of the Tuamotu islands, it has exceptionally good diving due to its crystal-clear water and ideal temperatures. Tikehau is an unspoilt island and a must for those who value authenticity.

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Things to do in Tikehau

The main attraction of Tikehau are its wonderful crystal-clear waters blessed with the full spectrum of tones of blue. The ideal temperature enables you to enjoy them for as long as you like. The main motu is very easy to walk around and there are some marvelous routes provided you avoid the middle of the day. The following are some of the plans the island provides

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  • Capital: Tuherahera
  • Population: 560
  • Lagoon area: 177 square miles
  • Dry land: 7.7 square miles
  • Trip around the island by road: it is not possible to travel around it by land
  • Minimum stay to explore Tikehau: 2 days
  • Official languages: French and Tahitian
  • Also spoken to a lesser extent: English
  • You can eat well for $14
  • You can get good accommodation from $120

Map of Tikehau

The most common way to get there is by air from Rangiroa, just 18 miles away. The airport is very modest and is located in eastern Tuherahera, the main motu. It would be advisable to make sure you have transport if you are encumbered with heavy luggage, although the people responsible for your lodging should pick you up if the accommodation is on the island. Some hotels are on private islands and can only be reached by boat, in which case they should also come to pick you up. The main motu can be easily explored on foot or by bicycle. This map shows the island’s most interesting features for your trip.

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