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Discover Tahaa

Tahaa is an island in French Polynesia and is located in the South Pacific to the north of Raiatea, with which it shares its lagoon. Tahaa is known as the Vanilla Island because it is the largest producer in Polynesia. You will find the plant throughout the entire island. One side of the coast road is lined with vanilla plantations and the other borders the sea, under which you can distinguish the magnificent coral garden.

The following section provides all the important information about Tahaa: pictures, what to see, what to do and a host of other things.

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Tahaa in images

Take a look at some pictures of Tahaa, its plantations and its coral reef

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Hotels in Tahaa

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Things to do in Tahaa

Explore both the countryside and its vanilla plantations as well as the sea and its wonderful coral garden, accessible to all. Here are some personal recommendations

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Data of interest

Here are some tips that will come in handy for your trip and to win at Trivial Pursuits

  • Capital: Patio
  • Population: 5,235
  • Highest peak: Mount Ohiri, 1,962 ft
  • Trip around the island by road: 41 mi
  • Minimum stay to explore Tahaa: 2 days
  • Official languages: French and Tahitian
  • Also spoken to a lesser extent: English
  • You can eat well for $13
  • You can get good accommodation from $90

Map of Tahaa

The most common way to get there is by boat from Uturoa in Raiatea. There are several routes and schedules and you can go ashore at Tapuamu, Vaiore, Baie de Faaaha and Vaitoare depending on your accommodation. Once on the island there are some very pleasant, flat routes you can explore by bike, although we recommend renting a motorbike or car to go all the way round. This map shows the island’s most interesting features for your trip.

Mapa de Tahaa Ver Google Maps

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