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The hotel is great as you would expect from establishments of this category.

You can enjoy nightfall from the pool as twilight creeps over the Pacific Ocean and the sun sets behind the island of Moorea, about 20 miles from Tahiti.

Both the rooms and the hotel as a whole have all the features one would expect for a price of more than 300 euros per night.

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The Hotel Hilton Tahiti is located in the same town as the Faa International Airport. It is in one of the island’s busiest areas although the hotel is somewhat removed from the urban center. This means that it is quiet and peaceful. It is very close to Papeete. Poafai Garden – a relatively new park by the sea – is less than a mile from the hotel. It is a center for the local social life of Tahiti and leads to the port where you can dine or have a drink. Its location close to the island's main road enables you to explore the entire island.

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