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Scuba diving in Tahiti La Source

Price and duration

$75 for 1 dive

Half day


Open water is sufficient

Dive site named La Source (the origin)


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Instructors or guides




Description of the activity

The underwater scenery alone is worth the effort. The growth of a submarine volcano enabled the formation of the island with numerous vertical slopes, nooks and crannies filled with thriving ecosystems due to the type of rock. If you add teeming marine life, excellent visibility and an ideal temperature, you get a fantastic diving experience.

It was a very comfortable dive in a short-sleeve neoprene with calm water and great visibility.

The location of the company – in the Marina Taina recreational seaport near the capital Papeete and the airport – is unbeatable. It’s so easy to get there.

Useful information

We went diving at the beginning of April and the conditions were excellent. We were lucky enough to see several sharks, one of them a white tip, and lots of turtles alone or in groups.

There is also a very curious phenomena in this diving place that we have never seen during dives in other places. A flow of fresh water emanates from a near-vertical slope and mixes with the seawater, creating an interesting visual and thermal effect. It looked like magic.

In the La Source dive we reached a depth of 74 feet which enabled us to enjoy the experience to the full.

About the scuba diving company

The company that managed our dive is called Fluid Tahiti. Both our instructor Thibaut and his colleagues were extremely professional and friendly.

The diving equipment was in perfect condition. So were the facilities.

Access is easy from the main road with its clear signs to the Marina Taina area. And to top it off, there is a great bar next to the premises where you can have a drink and talk about the adventure.

Click here to visit their website Fluid Tahiti


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